What is informens?


Informens B.V.

Informens B.V. was founded in 2008 and has become a leading company in the field of preventive services in occupational health care. With our years of experience, we help not only multinationals but also small organizations to gain insight into the employability of their employees and the workload in the workplace. This results in higher productivity, less absenteeism and improved health within the organization.

Informens B.V. is developer and owner of the platforms:

  • Informens
  • WorkplaceRiskScan
  • Prevention & AbsenceNorm

Preventive medical examination (PME)

To carry out the Preventive Medical Examination (PME), we use the Informens platform. The Preventive Medical Examination of Informens B.V. provides insight into the employability of employees in an efficient way. It is practical and of high quality. At organizational level, the Preventive Medical Examination helps guide policy, strategy and future employability projects.